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Immerse yourself
in the Authentic Essence
of Sicily

Welcome to the "Philosophy" page of our website, where we would like to share with you our vision of experiential tourism, a travel approach that goes beyond the simple tourist visit, transforming it into an authentic and memorable life experience. In Sicily, and in particular in Syracuse, this philosophy finds its fertile ground, where history, culture, nature and traditions blend to offer a unique and unrepeatable experience. Experiential tourism is an invitation to experience the journey not as spectators, but as active participants. It is the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in local culture, to interact with people, to savor authentic culinary traditions, and to discover history and art through the eyes of those who live it every day. In Sicily, every corner tells a story, every flavor evokes a memory, every panorama inspires an emotion.

In Syracuse, we guide you on a journey through time, from the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations to the lively contemporary world, allowing you to touch, feel and experience history. We take you to hidden places, to small villages, to locals' homes, to let you experience the authenticity of a land full of contradictions, beauties and surprises. Our mission is to make you feel part of Sicily, not just visitors. We want every experience to be a personal enrichment, a moment of growth and deep connection with the place you visit. Experiential tourism in Sicily is a journey of the soul, an adventure that will change you, leaving an indelible mark on your heart.

Discover Sicily with us in a way you would never have imagined, through experiences that go beyond a simple visit. Let yourself be carried away by the energy, passion and love that this land and its people can offer. Come and discover the true essence of Sicily, where every journey becomes a story to carry with you forever.

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I'll tell you a little about myself!

Always a great lover of Sicilian history and in particular of Syracuse, he has obtained various qualification certificates during his career, in 2012 as a Tour Leader and in 2016 as a Tourist Guide of the Sicilian region; in 2014 he obtained the national qualification of tourism communication and marketing technician from the tourist service of the province of Ascoli Piceno, after qualifications and exams.

It was the first to develop in the south-eastern Sicilian area the offer of a predominantly experiential tourism, individual or dedicated to small groups of guests in which an empathetic sharing of knowledge, information, curiosities and local traditions can clearly be demonstrated, with an eye particular also to the dissemination of the history of local gastronomy by linking this to targeted tastings to savor at 360° the sense of "taste" of "food" which in Sicily is not just nourishment but a real culture of food. Collector of ancient books on Sicilian history and archaeology, by his own predilection he is constantly learning typical regional uses, languages and customs, which have disappeared or are in danger of extinction, in order to corroborate the historical memory of the Sicilian identity.

The great experience accumulated over the years in thousands of visits shared with guests from all over the world can be summarized in these strengths: attitude, assertiveness, historicity, professionalism, with simplicity and love for one's work.

"I don't envy God heaven
because I am very happy to live in Sicily"



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