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Welcome to our selection of exclusive tours, designed to offer you an unforgettable experience in the heart of Sicily. Each tour is a unique chapter in the story of a land rich in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. From the cobbled streets of Ortigia to the majestic archaeological sites of Syracuse, from the baroque sophistication of Noto and Modica to the legends that surround Etna and the ancient Greek cities, we invite you on an unparalleled sensorial and cultural journey.


Our offer ranges from archaeological explorations, where you can touch the testimonies of millenary civilisations, to cinematographic walks on the sets of the most famous Italian novels. We will take you along the paths beaten by the gods and heroes of mythology, among the ruins that speak of Roman empires and noble families, and in the villages where time seems to have stopped. Each tour has been carefully designed to give you a complete experience, enriched by stories, anecdotes and tastings that will make you savor the authentic Sicilian essence. We are ready to guide you on this adventure, personalizing the trip based on your interests and desires, to guarantee you a memory that will remain in your heart.

Let yourself be seduced by the charm of a land where every stone, every road and every view has a story to tell. Discover Sicily with us, on a journey that unites past, present and future, between myths, history and enchanting nature.

Siracusa Ortigia

Isola di


A unique ecological walk through the island of Ortigia.

terra dei ciclopi

Terra dei 

Take part in a unique adventure in the "Land of the Cyclops"



Tempio di Apollo Siracusa


For those who want to immerse themselves in the essence of Syracuse.

Teatro Greco Siracusa

archaeological park
of Neapolis

A Dive into History
of Magna Graecia


The Places of Montalbano
Baroque Tour

Join us on an unforgettable movie tour

Piazza Armerina villa del casale

Villa del Casale
Piazza Armerina

Admire the splendid mosaics of one of the oldest sites in Sicily.

Noto Siracusa

Noto e

A Journey between History and
Sicilian beauty.

Megara Hyblea


A Journey between History and

Sicilian beauty.

sicilia 2

Personalized Services for Groups or Individuals

Personalize your experience

down to the smallest details.

The photographic story of our experiences

Ecco una gallery con delle fotografie raccolte negli anni di attività a partire dal 2006

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