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  • Kevin (venerdì, 06. aprile 2018 16:27)

    truly great guide...Marco was just the best - so knowledgeable...and when had to cancel our walking tour of Ortega the following day Marco stepped in and that was truly great too...and on the third day Marco took us to Noto - Marco just knows Syracuse and the surrounding area so well...if you are ever in Syracuse you must find Marco!

  • Chrisinet (venerdì, 06. aprile 2018 16:25)

    Our tour guide, Marco, seems to love history and giving tours of his beautiful and historic city of Siracusa. It was a very informative tour, and he happily answered all of our many questions. We spent a lot of time in the Archaeological Park which was amazing and we opted to do the food and wine tasting at the end which we also enjoyed. I highly recommend this tour.

  • Susan Nelson (mercoledì, 01. novembre 2017 19:16)

    Ciao Marco, if not for you on our recent visit to Ortygia, we would have left not knowing the fascinating history of this lovely city. You brought it all alive with your vast knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. We are so thankful that we found you to be our guide. Thank you again....and we hope to see one day soon.

  • Janet Jones (lunedì, 21. agosto 2017 13:50)

    Marco - you gave us such a fabulous tour of Ortygia last week! It brought Siracusa alive for us and it is something we will always remember. Your passion for the subject is the special ingredient! Grazie mille!

  • Diana Allen (mercoledì, 28. giugno 2017 11:11)

    Dear Marco

    I want to thank you so much for all you did to make our trip
    so successful. I was with some of the artists who came today
    and they said it was so lovely to be guided by someone like
    you who is so proud of his heritage.= and so willing to share it
    with us.

    Thank you for all the work you put into the research. beforehand
    I could not have done it without your help.
    Thank you so much from us all.

  • Anna (giovedì, 19. gennaio 2017 11:12)

    Ringrazio di cuore Marco, per aver accompagnato me e mia madre lo scorso novembre con la sua macchina nel tour del barocco tra Ibla, Scicli, Modica e Noto. Marco ci ha affascinato e incusiosito raccontandoci i significativi fatti storici e gli avvincenti aneddoti della sua amata Sicilia. Il viaggio è stato super confortevole, le destinazioni meravigliose e l'organizzazione impeccabile. Speriamo di poter raggiungerti presto in Sicilia, per poter scoprire le tante meravilgie della tua terra! Continua così, Marco e ti aspetto presto in Sardegna con la tua famiglia, per poter ricambiare la piacevole giornata alla scoperta delle meraviglie della mia terra. Anna, guida turistica della Sardegna.

  • Fam. Mannozzi- Monza- ITALIA (venerdì, 16. settembre 2016 20:25)

    Grazie Marco per la splendida giornata,immersi nella storia di Siracusa tra miti ,leggnde e tantissima storia.

  • Carmen de la Fuente (martedì, 18. agosto 2015 17:35)

    El tour Barocco.
    Magnifico dia.Cuatro ciudades maravillosas y buena compania. Un dia perfecto. Me gusta Sicilia.

  • Mario e MariaGrazia Paganini (domenica, 07. giugno 2015 18:28)

    Marco, grazie per la fantastica giornata ricca di cultura,arte e simpatia a Ragusa Ibla-Modica-Scicli e Noto.

  • Margaret Speas (domenica, 17. maggio 2015 15:31)

    Marco is a wonderful tour guide. Knowledgable, friendly and very accommodating. If you go to Ragusa Ilba with him, be sure to do the cheese-tasting lunch! Our day with him was definitely a highlight
    of our month in Sicily.

  • Fiona & Iain Macneil (sabato, 11. aprile 2015 16:53)

    Travelling with Marco has been the highlight of our holiday. His passion for and knowledge of the area has brought the history, architecture and culture to life. He has made us see how the various
    historic influences are still apparent in modern lSicilian life. What a nice man and what a safe driver.

  • Claudia Gerini (sabato, 04. aprile 2015 15:57)

    Marco, con te Siracusa è una storia magnifica. Starei a sentirti per ore. Grazie mille e a presto. C.G.

  • Maria quinto (domenica, 29. marzo 2015 13:11)

    Marco was recommended to me by the tourist office in Ortigia and I am so glad I actually found it and told them my koan. Macro was so fantastic taking me to places and telling me all the stories of
    this beautiful area of sicily. My first time to sicily was certainly a very memorable one thanks to marco's brilliant guiding. Please, if you are coming to sicily, look him up and tell him what you
    want to do and he will oblige. I had a wonderful time.

  • Anna Azzopardi (domenica, 28. dicembre 2014 20:26)

    Marco, thanks a million for the wonderful day we spent with you. It was very interesting and we will surely return thanks to the great experience you offer and beautiful Ortygia of course. We all
    loved every minute of the day. Many thanks and keep up your good work.
    Anna, Carlo and Rebekah

  • Federica Gandolfi (mercoledì, 05. novembre 2014 22:40)

    Rientrati a Milano siamo ancora entusiaste della Sicilia e di giro con te e\' stato bello e ti ringraziamo.
    Ci si prenota per tornare, per le arance, per tutto
    grazie della bella esperienza.
    A presto
    Federica ed Anna

  • Eric, Tara, Perry and Neil (sabato, 25. ottobre 2014 17:33)

    Thank you for a wonderful tour of Montalbano's world! It was a wonderful day of history, sites, and food.

  • Johan & Erica (lunedì, 20. ottobre 2014 21:36)

    Thank you Marco for the very interesting tours!

    Erica and I enjoyed your company in Siracuse and Ortegia. We learned a lot about the beautiful city and are very happy we found you as our guide.

    Best Regards

  • Cristina e Sergio (mercoledì, 01. ottobre 2014 17:56)

    Buongiorno Marco,
    grazie ancora per la bellissima visita di ieri , la tua città è davvero meravigliosa e siamo contenti di averla potuta vedere di sera e di mattina e, soprattutto, in tua compagnia. La prossima volta
    la gusteremo anche con la luce del tramonto .

  • Simon & Annamaria Padula (domenica, 14. settembre 2014 19:33)

    Bellissima vacanza.Città' deliziosa ben presentata dalla nostra guida personale.

  • Loris Maggiena (martedì, 03. giugno 2014 22:38)

    Siracusa: un museo a cielo aperto. Posti fantastici che meritano di essere rivisti, sopratutto quando si trovano persone cosi' disponibili come il nostro assistente turistico. Grazie per la perfetta

  • Guido (venerdì, 28. febbraio 2014 15:07)

    Guida e compagnia fantastica. Ortigia e' bellissima anche di notte e ci siamo trovati benissimo. Torneremo sicuro x vedere le rappresentazioni classiche. Guido e Anna Trovato, Salerno.

  • giglio (sabato, 09. novembre 2013 14:11)

    Bellissima vacanza magnificamente guidata da Marco. Siamo stati benissimo,famiglia Giglio.

  • Gilad Ardi (giovedì, 12. settembre 2013 13:11)

    We the Ardi's family was visiting Sicily on 3-7/9/2013
    We was guided by Marco Sanzaro and it was a wonderful time and experience for as all.
    We like to thanks Marco for his guide and kindness and his great knowledge. We have put highly recommendation of him here in Israel.
    Gil, Shoshana, Idit, Perach,Adar, Shuval and Eyal

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